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All proceeds from this auction will benefit The Quarry Projects. By hovering your mouse over the thumbnail images below, the title and artist will appear. By clicking on the thumbnail, you will go into the “image browser” mode which allows you to view each individual piece up close, with the retail price, starting bid, material and dimensions below the image. To return to the thumbnail view, just click this post’s title in the sidebar to your left. Please note that you may not do any actual bidding on the TQP website. In order to bid on any of the items, you must have or register for an eBay account and then go to TQP’s Non-profit Auction House between Sept 6-13, 2010.

General Information about the Online Auction

TQP’s online art auction is administered through eBay’s Giving Works Program and a non-profit called MissionFish. This partnership allows non-profits to hold online auctions without incurring the typical fees associated with eBay sales. In order to bid on artworks, you must have or register for an eBay account. Above are some featured works in the auction. For information on the bidding guidelines, to make a bid, or to otherwise support The Quarry Projects with a contribution, go to TQP’s non-profit auction house on eBay. Bidding begins 12pm PST on Monday, Sept 6th, and runs until 12pm on Monday, Sept 13th, 2010. Payments are processed through PayPal and require a major credit card or PayPal account. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Shu-Mei at 812.340.4831 or email:

Participating Artists:

All artworks were generously donated by the following artists listed below. If you are an artist and would like to be part of future auctions, please contact us at

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